When a business gains a customer the aim should be to keep that customer, the cost of winning a new customer versus the cost of retaining a customer is huge. In order to keep the customer the business needs to meet and often exceed the expectations of that customer.

Many small businesses start out using products such as spreadsheets as a way to track various bits of information. This is all well and good in the short term but as the business grows those spreadsheets become less manageable and will eventually fail. Spreadsheets can only be used by 1 person at a time making it difficult to update the files as and when required. Also sharing files over various devices is not that easy for the novice.

If the business has developed their processes around the dreaded spreadsheet once the spreadsheet becomes unmanageable there may well be a need to rework the process to allow the business to progress using other software products.

Thefore the aim at the start should be for the new business to select the right product that not only will provide a solution for the business in the short term but will also provide a solution in the long term. Ensuring the business has all of the right tools for the job and the growth of the business is vital.

If you consider a new cleaning company just starting out, the business owner may buy a new hoover to allow him to meet their customers needs. If the hoover purchased is a small hoover it will only last so long and will only be useful in certain situations, this scenario can be applied to all aspects of the business!

With the advent of cloud software new businesses can often find cheap solutions that may well meet their needs for the short and long term. The cost of this type of software is now often subscription based rather than one off payment. This makes the software more affordable to new businesses as the initial outgoing can be quite small, increasing in line with the size of the business.

For example, LUTOC.com supplied by IMJ Software Limited will charge a flat rate for unlimited users whilst the business employs less than 25 staff. Once the 25 staff is breached the monthly fee will increase, this allows the business to grow and for the software provider to grow in line with the supplied business. Often the cost of the software can be passed on to the users own customers thereby having no impact on the new business itself.

In conclusion, remember, when setting up a business look at all aspects of the business and ensure that the correct software is used to help the business grow from the start as it may be more costly to change the software and the business processes further down the line! Also software suppliers are a friendly bunch and are happy to help!

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day

Martin Julyan
IMJ Software Ltd